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Our Projector Range

2500 Lumens HD Projector

This is the ultimate in projector performance and affordability. No other projector can offer the same technology and features at this affordable price.
With Full HD capability and sealed design, this projector creates a full HD picture from 32 inches right up to 150 inches, in any lounge room with minimal maintenance requirements.
Built using the latest High Definition componentry this projector comprises of more technology then most new, and expensive, branded televisions. Focusing the image through it's LCD screen also gives it the ability to produce images without blur, at the same level as that expensive T.V of the same size.
The Long Life (20,000 hours) High Performance LED ensures a perfect picture is produced for a long time.
With its crisp and sharp picture displayed at a 2000:1 contrast ratio, this unit produces quality pictures no matter what you're viewing.
2xUSB, 2xHDMI, AV, Aerial and Component ports free you to connect anything up to your projector and have it play through the unit.
With a projection strength of 2500 Lumens this projector will have a good picture in most lighting conditions.
With it's quick start up and shut off mode, you can have your unit on, or off, in less time then a T.V! This has also been designed with efficiency and minimal power consumption in mind. At standard operating settings, the unit uses less power than a 32 Inch LCD T.V. Put it into 'ECO' mode and it reduces consumption by a further 75%!
Boasting built in speakers, this projector is the cheapest High Definition T.V money can buy!

1 2500 Lumens Projector
1 Power Cord
1 VGA Cable
1 Component Cable
1 Remote Control
1 Lens Cover

2 Colours available. Black or White.
Price: $369.99