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Get a Cheap Android from Adelaide Affordable Android and Electrical

*Now Big In Phone Repairs to Most Models*

Our commitment to providing our customers with the best experience possible just got even better.

With our online and in-store repair shop, our cheap repair prices are now available to anyone in the country. You can even send us your phone in the mail, we will repair it and send it back to you. Completely new.

Ask us for a mobile repair quote today.

Welcome to the Adelaide Affordable Android Webstore.

All of our webstore items are available at the webstore price for delivery only! Warranty for items sold through the website are handled through the website.

Items picked up may cost more but you get a physical receipt (not electronic) and warranty is handled in house. We will exchange or repair (whichever is preferred) straight away. No need to send the item back and wait for us to run tests before we send you out a new one.

We are a proud 100% Australian owned and operated business dedicated to providing our customers with the best devices at the lowest prices matched with quick service.

Our devices are all custom built to our specifications.

We evaluate the current market leaders devices and technology. Our devices are then custom built with tailored setup processors, cameras, RAM chips, motherboards and screens.

To see our range click on one of the links at the top of the page.

Our website is constantly being updated with new products and limited promotions on a daily basis as technology updates. Check back regularly to see what's new on offer.

If you are a business or individual who is interested in purchasing more than one product, let us know when you contact us for further discounts.